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    GS01-JIAYAN Multicolor Optional Flexible/Straight Glass Straw

    JIAYAN Flexible/Straight Glass Straws become a popular product on mainstream platforms such as Instagram, Amazon, Facebook and Tiktok. The straws are available in black, teal, white, pink, clear, etc. Ergonomic design with 25° inclination of the flexible straws. The set comes in a cardboard box with a cleaning brush, making it easier to use and store the straws. The straws are produced using high borosilicate glass and are suitable for temperatures from -20°C to 150°C. We look forward to working with you!


    Product details

    Materials: Glass
    Size: 6mm diameter×180mm length
    8mm diameter×180mm length
    Package: 50 Pcs/Bag
    Color: Red,Orange,Black,Pink,White,Transparent,Green,Yellow
    Certificate: BSCI, GMPC
    Usage: Home, Party, Bar or Restaurant

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