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Are you working with an attorney who is not answering your questions? You can change attorneys. Are you not happy with the attorney you hired? You can changed attorneys. Are you looking to hire a new personal injury attorney? Watch this video to find out more information on how to change attorneys. Call for an attorney 909-481-0100 or check the web at

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When a person hires an attorney, at the beginning a lot of times the individual does not know much about the attorney, his or her office and their procedures. And you think you have hired the right person in the very beginning. But as time goes on you might get frustrated because you might not be getting returned phone calls maybe you are not understanding their procedures and they are not answering your questions or they are not doing the job that you feel is necessary for the success of your case. In this situation you have the right to make a decision to change attorneys. Now there are some contractual limitations on how you go about doing that. But the reality is this, if you are unhappy with your attorney you have the right to change plain and simple. Once you do that and you move to another attorney the attorney that you left does have the right to recover any cost that he or she has spent on your behalf and also has the right to some compensation to his or her time that they have spent in the processing of your case. Now often times that is worked out with your new attorney on how much is going to be paid and things of that nature. But, you do not want to get in the habit of changing attorneys a lot because if you do, most attorneys who come after the first one or the second one become a little weary about you because you may be making changes that are not really necessary or you have unreasonable expectations. If I was a client with an attorney that I was having some difficulty with I would first want to sit down with that attorney and explain to them my feelings and also what I expect ands see what that attorney says to me. If he or she is responsive to my request and says hey look we will work towards that and I feel like I am being heard and my needs are being met. Then I would be alright with staying and evaluating my attorney for a longer period of time. However, if that attorney will not give me an appointment, won’t listen to my needs and won’t be respective to my expectations, I may want to consider changing attorneys. So can you change attorneys? Absolutely, you have the right to do so and the law gives you the right to do so. But be weary and be cautious about how you go about doing that.

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